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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Feb 22, 2010 5:00
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Discuss GBP
Athar dewidar, Egypt
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2 months ago
Dec 1, 2017 14:32
Free Currencies trading signals and GBP usd Technical analysis today
Published: Thursday, 30 November 2017 18:33
The pair reached $ 1.3547, its highest level in the past two months
As the GBPUSD rally FORMED the AB = CD pattern
The pair's rally from 1.3040 to 1.3380 was the first wave or first leg of the pattern
The second leg or second wave of the pattern was the Sterling rally from 1.3220 to 1.3547
According to the technical analysis of the GBPUSD, an upcoming downward movement
is expected to be a corrective wave for the current bullish trend
In the near term or reversing the uptrend and the beginning of a bearish trend
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Frankfurt, Germany
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5 months ago
Sep 12, 2017 21:41
Hello Ashraf,

you spotted the inverted S-H-S correctly in GBPUSD. Why did you ignore the one in GBPJPY? It was just as clear.
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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1 year ago
Jan 27, 2017 15:04
Welcome back DaveO & Quiman

N.Cornwall, UK
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1 year ago
Jan 24, 2017 19:14
I sincerely hope our dear prime minister Teresa May will not get groped when she visits new president Donald Trump. Perish the thought, whatever made me think that.
United States
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1 year ago
Nov 7, 2016 19:17
The problem I always encountered with using correlations over the years is that one never knows when they will come to a screeching halt, due to other energetic vectors coming into the equation.

As just one example today the US stocks are up huge, and the Pound down. This strong correlation that was develping with the Pound and US stocks for awhile has had to deal with various UK domestic headlines that can pull it in all kinds of directions.
United States
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1 year ago
Oct 12, 2016 15:16
I found Ashraf's post on Cable's increased correlation with US stocks over this last month to be one of the more important insights in awhile on this currency pair. Planning to watch this more carefully myself and hopefully put it to great use. Thanks Ashraf!
Ali Sharifazadeh
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
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2 years ago
Mar 4, 2016 17:42
It is a bit strange that Cable has been able to go this higher when the Brexit fears have not been gone completely and all of the PMI reports this week disappointed.

Where do you think the bears return?
Frank Junior
haala, Bahrain
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2 years ago
Jan 25, 2016 9:59
I learnt trading by watching videos and learnt all strategies very efficiently!!Doing quite well now!!
New York, United States
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2 years ago
Jan 19, 2016 4:30
GBP/NZD daily chart - looks like a 3rd gravestone doji formed AND the death cross 50DMA below the 200DMA is confirmed. Look what happened after the last two gravestone dojis... Perhaps they're not perfect "gravestone dojis", but looking close and good. I prefer GBP/NZD short over GBP/AUD short due to less involvement with China and most likely, less interest rate risk involvement. A short to consider! Thoughts???
New York, United States
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2 years ago
Jan 14, 2016 14:06
GBP/NZD 50DMA about to cross under the 200DMA...