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USD Deleveraging & Tech Applications

USD Deleveraging & Tech Applications Chart
Sep 23: 

The US dollar resumes its rally even as the mood in equity markets initally improved. USD and GBP are the top performers while the gold, silver and the Kiwi were the weakest. Below are today's metals intraday calls Ashraf gave members of the Whatsapp Broadcast Group,when gold was above 1885. If yields are falling by less than metals, would it pose fresh concern for metals? Also see later below Tuesday's idea on the DOW and neckline support-later-turned resistance pattern is found in the 4th paragraph. EURUSD hit its final target of 1.17 for 260 pips, entered at the high of Sep1st. 2 New Premium trades were issued earlier today.  Below are today's daytrading calls in XAUUSD, XAGUSD for the WBG. 
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USDX broke above that key neckline resistance of the inverted H&S formation, coinciding with the 55-DMA.  The big question facing the FX market remains whether this is a dollar dead-cat bounce or the start of a longer retracement cycle. The price action on Tuesday highlighted the scope for further gains as it broke some technical levels and neared others. The bid in the dollar was strong and steady even as the news and market sentiment varied.

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The Moment of Truth? Sep 21, 2020 23:15: 

There are a long list of great uncertainties in financial markets right now but those contrast with an unprecedented level of certainty about interest rates. The US dollar was the top performer while the New Zealand dollar lagged. The US Richmond Fed and existing home sales are up next. The Premium DOW30 trade hit its final target of 27050 for 1210 pt gain and last week's DAX trade completed 390-pt gain. By the time Nasdaq completed its 14% high-to-low decline, it ended up outperforming DOW30 and SPX. Yet, all indices remained below their 55-DMA. Do not waste timeSkip to the 5:00 mins of the clip of the Sep 3rd video (week of Sep top) to hear Ashraf's PRICE & TIME call for DOW30. 


FX Shrugs, Indices Shaken Sep 18, 2020 18:53: 

Risk aversion syrokes again. Whether it's the surge in Covid19 cases in the US, France, or lockdowns in part of the UK-- or it's the US decision to block China's WeChat and TikTok, selloff in indices is rife, especially as quadruple witching hour triggers the VIX back off its 55-DMA. Premium members who are part of the WhatsApp Broadcast group had a series of trades this week on NASDAQ, DAX, DOW, GBPUSD and EURGBP.وتفضلوا ببعض مستدجدت نصائح. اشرف العايدي لاعضاء مجموعة الواتساب في الصورة ادانه بالعربي تحت الصورة بالإنجليزي 


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