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A November to Remember

A November to Remember Chart
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November was a sensational month for risk assets in the aftermath of the US election and positive vaccine data. Equity markets finish the month with some of their best monthly gains ever and the US dollar slumped. Ashraf posted charts of Gold vs USD and Gold vs EUR, highlighting the possibility of moving the goal posts for the yellow metal before assessing the next low. Early week data continues to show the global economy recovering at a strong pace. A new trade was issued after Monday's London close.  The DAX trade hit the Premium stop, but avoided the 13445 addressed in the WhatsApp Broadcast Group. 

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FX to Join the Party? Nov 27, 2020 19:46: 

The moves in equity markets this month have been breathtaking, while FX is attempting to join the risk-on party. The US dollar ended the week lower against all G10 currencies, with JPY as the 2nd weakest in a classic risk-on performance. Ashraf told us gold has never stopped falling at its 200-DMA. So how far does it go? see below.  NZD and AUD led, while GBP and CHF lagged ahead of JPY and USD. Ashraf has posted the Premium video below on his strategy to trade EURUSD into yea-end.


مقابلتي اليوم مع العريية عن بتكوين Nov 26, 2020 17:57: 

ما تعني تصحيحات بتكوين؟ كل دورة صعود بتكوين رافقها عدة موجات تصحيحية مقدارها ١٠% الى ١٥% .هذه حقائق البتكوين منذ ٢٠١٢.المقابلة الكاملة


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