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CNH vs DXY & RBA Cuts Down Yields

CNH vs DXY & RBA Cuts Down Yields Chart
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Central banks will be under pressure to respond to rising yields this week and the RBA kicked it off by doubling its daily bond purchases, dropping the 10-year by 30 basis points. Last week, the US dollar was the top performer, but today it's mixed, as AUD, CAD and NZD lead the flows. CFTC positioning showed some speculative love for the pound. Ashraf lays out 3 charts below that will increasingly rule the FX order in the months to come--especially in USD-pairs. Get your eyes to habituate themselves looking at them. 

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Enough for JPY? كفاية للين أم لا؟ Mar 1, 2021 17:57: 

The prolonged rally in USDJPY remains boosted by the technical breakdown in net JPY futures longs (inversely related with USDJPY pair) shown in this striking analog from Q4 2016. See how we consistently informed our WhatsApp Broadcast Group we went long on Jan 11th (upper right figure) at 104.20s, followed by February 5th, February 11th, until yesterday (Feb 27th). 107.30 is the next logical destination. للتفسير بالعربي الرجاء استماع الرسالة الصوتية في قناتي تلغرام


5 Things on Gold & Yields before more Powell Feb 26, 2021 21:20: 

Friday's plunge in yields was just as notable as the preceding gains. As Fed chair Powell gears to speak next Thursday about the economy, here are the things im watching: 1) favourite of mine involving an overlay of HUI gold miners, suggesting major developments in XAUUSD (i will share these with the WBG next week); 2) The same applies to the Gold/SPX ratio, showing similar technical positives to the patterns of 2001, until support gave up these past two weeks. 3) Friday's candles in 2 and 10 year yields suggest neutral-negative moves early in the week, but it is the midweek-Thursday that Im concerned about. 4) USDJPY knived through its 200-DMA and its 55-WMA, calling for 107.20 as a short-term target. Our WhatsApp Broadcast Group entered this pair back in 104.60s. 5) Those who trade indices have seen the balant manner in which the jump in yields and oil boosted the DOW30, before their sharp Friday pullback dragged down the index, while supporting NASDAQ. We were active throughout the week with our WhatsApp Broadcast Group (WBG), sharing trades/analysis on DOW30, Nasdaq, XAUUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD and GBPUSD. Tune in for more next week. This is far from over. 


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