Yield Curve to Bring Back the Fed

by Ashraf Laidi | 22 Nov, 2019
US yield curve chatter should return soon. More...

  • ECB Action Sheds Doubts on Yield Differentials

    by Adam Button | Sep 13, 2019 14:02
    ECB Action Sheds Doubts on Yield Differentials Chart Can the euro gain despite the latest rate cut. Before we cover the aftermath of Thursday's drama-fillled ECB decision, let's backtrack for a bit.
  • After Theresa May

    by Ashraf Laidi | May 24, 2019 16:47
    After Theresa May Chart Now that PM Theresa May has announced stepping down from the Conservative Party leadership as of June 7, the ongoing political chaos will shift temporarily from striking a deal on the Withdrawal...
  • Is Everything Back to Normal ?

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jan 8, 2019 11:22
    Is Everything Back to Normal ? Chart Is everything back to normal after Friday's speech from Federal Reserve Chairman Powell.
  • Ahead of the ECB

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jun 7, 2018 17:24 | 56 Comments
    EURUSD posts its biggest weekly gain in five months despite ongoing uncertainty in Italy and fresh declines in Italian bonds and equity indices.

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