Ashraf Laidi on CNBC after the PSI Deal - Mar 9, 2012

Mar 9, 2012 7:44
Ashraf Laidi speaks on CNBC minutes after Greece secures its agreement on the PSI deal from 86% of creditors. All these PSI acrobatics were aimed at enabling Greece to receive its 2nd bail out and meet its March 20th payment. There are no guarantees that Greece will not need a 3rd bailout as the nation enters its 6th year of recession as well as prolonged policy following the outcome of the elections later this year. Let's also not forget that negative Eurozone pressures (rising yields, falling euro & surging CDS prices) tend to be exasberate the euro siuation as these are draged by risk aversion, which may be the result of oher exogenous factors such as less dovishness from the Fed

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