Intraday Market Thoughts

Archived IMT (2011.03.25)

by Ashraf Laidi
Mar 25, 2011 13:08

Stocks break out of their 2-week trendline, Aussie leads risk currencies against USD as rising risk appetite set to have the last word of the week. S&P downgraded Portugal by 2 notches to BBB from A- and warned of a downgraded to JUNK status depending on the current negotiations on the Ezone's bailout fund. EU agreed on the new EUR 500 bln bailout fund called the European Stability Mechanism to start in 2013. Angela Merkel succeeded into stretching Germany's payment into 5 years from 3. Nonetheless, the size of the current EFSF has once again been delayed so the EUR 440 bln has not yet been cemented. EURUSD loses more than a full cent off its 1.42s, while EUR retreating deeper against CAD as Portuguese 10 year yields push thru 10%. EURGBP retreats from 0.88 but the pair has already punished the shorts I suggested earlier. AUDUSD breaks above 1.0220s but past 4 weeks have shown that such a level encountered stiff selling resistance for interim targets aw 1.0170 and 1.0120.


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