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Aussie Drops on Jobs Disappointment, EUR Regains 1.46

by Kyle Morrison
Jun 9, 2011 4:38

Aussie drops by nearly a full cent after a disappointing May jobs report crushed all hopes of a July rate hike. May jobs rose 7.8K, well below median expectation for +21.3k, with the unemployment rate inching higher to 4.93% from 4.86%. The drop in April jobs was larger than initially expected, revised down by 7.3K, eroding all of Mays gains.

All eyes will be on the ECB press conference (12:30 GMT), as traders await if JC Trichet describes the bank's stance on inflation as "strongly vigillant". It is fair to expect a higher euro if Trichet does mention these words, and to expect a weaker euro in the event that they are omitted.

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