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See How to Use the Euro's Volatility Chart

by Ashraf Laidi
Jun 17, 2011 22:48

EURUSD rose +200 pips 3 of the last 2 Fridays on what fundamentals described the reason to be German/French support for a voluntary rollover of Greek debt rather than a full-scale debt exchange with extended maturities. Subscribers to our Thursday Premium trades saw our euro bullish call titled "Confirming the Euro Bounce" before these news were released. Our Thursday argument for going long EURUSD was based on the following 2 drivers:

1) Bullish Hammer Candle (See chart from Thursdays piece)

2) EURUSD held above the 100 DMA, which we said would translate into 1.4250 on Friday, followed by 1.4330 next week.

Some people asked why we called for HIGHER EURO & LOWER METALS on Thursday. All three trades were hit w/ limits executed.

Our Friday Premium piece shows a RARE EURUSD 1-month VOLATILITY CHART and what it means for the spot market. Premium subscribers click here for direct access:

To become a Premium Subscriber, click here:

Title of today's Premium Piece: "Euro Confirms, 1 Month Volatility Look"



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