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Correcting Previous IMT, Latest Premium Trades, 5 for 9, not 6 for 9

by Ashraf Laidi
Oct 20, 2011 18:57

Correcting the last IMT, the trades are 5 for 9 and not 6 for 9 as EURUSD was stopped out. But with 1.3630-40 still holding, longs continue to place stops at or below these levels. The latest twists and turns from Europe report Merkel and Sarkozy will meet Saturday to discuss the Sunday leaders, before a proposal is adopted next week. So now there will be a 2nd summit regarding EFSF expansion and private sector initiatives (amount of haircuts on Greek debt). Markets are nearly exactly where they were at the US opening bell. 5 out of 9 trades hitting all targets. Both of our Premium dual trades in EURJPY hit their targets; One of the two EURUSD dual trades is stopped out --the other remains unfilled. Both Gold & silver shorts hit targets. USDJPY & EURGBP remain in progress. ES stopped out Get DIRECT ACCESS here: NON-members click here:



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