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New Premium Trades After $1.30 & Latest on Aussie

by Ashraf Laidi
Dec 14, 2011 20:11

Throughout late Q3, we repetitively made the case for $1.28 EURUSD to occur by year-end based on 4 main principles; i) Debt crisis making EFSF size unsustainable; ii) German contraction forcing more aggressive ECB easing iii) EUR-USD 3-month LIBOR spreads falls back below 0.90% (now at 0.79% from 1.30% in July) iv) No QE3 from the Federal Reserve (this was replayed in yesterday's FOMC impact). Some market participants were expecting some sort of inflation target. WHAT HAPPENS NOW? See our latest Premium trades ahead of tonight's China data Non-Subscribers can click here to join:


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