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Beware of Another +200K NFP, Latest Premium Trades

by Ashraf Laidi
Mar 5, 2012 20:02

How long can the dovish FOMC members (led by Bernanke) continue to talk down the data? US February services ISM has hit 12-monh high at 57.3, defying expectations of a decline to 53.2 from 56.0 Markets may have to worry if Fridays release of US jobs report shows the 3rd consecutive monthly reading of +200K in non-farm payrolls? The LAST TIME US NFP PRODUCED 3 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS of +200K readings was in February- April 2011, a period coinciding with the April 2011 peak in equities and energy -- also coinciding with the FINAL MONTHS OF QE2. See our LATEST PREMIUM INTERMARKET TRADES w/ charts on US jobs figures & intermarket dynamics here: Nonsubscribers can click here:


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