Intraday Market Thoughts

Follow-up on Monday's Premium Note & Charts

by Ashraf Laidi
Mar 7, 2012 20:52

Monday's Premium note warned about a repeat of the April 2011 market top, using the anticipated strength in non-farm payrolls as a rationale to the obstacle to further Fed asset purchases. We warned that if Fridays release of US jobs report shows the 3rd consecutive monthly reading of +200K in

non-farm payroll, it would be a repeat of the last three consecutive months of +200K readings seen February- April 2011, a period coincided with the April 2011 peak in equities and oil. Today's 216K rise in February ADP adds to the probability of seeing a +200K ADP reading. See what this means ahead. Latest Premium Intermarket Insights found here: NonSubscribers can click here:


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