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About that RBA Cut & Latest Premium Insights

by Ashraf Laidi
Dec 4, 2012 7:44

Todays RBA decision to cut rates by 25 bps to 3.0% had STRONG AUSSIE written all over it. The RBA has been increasingly uncomfortable with Aussie strength. And with Chinese figures improving by the week, the upward pressure would have been further magnified by RBA inaction, especially following the recent IMF decision to include Aussie in its FX reserves. A rate hold would have made task of the RBA harder in containing any unwanted. We expect AUDUSD to regain 1.06 vs USD and 89.0 vs JPY. Last nights NEW PEMIUM INSIGHTS edition went long AUDUSD despite anticipating the RBA cut. The latest Premium Insights also have new calls on EURUSD (2), GBPUSD (2), EURJPY (2), CADJPY (1), EURGBP (2), Gold (2), Silver (2), US Crude CL_F (2). Existing trades include USDJPY, GBPUSD and AUDUSD. DIRECT ACCESS here Non subscribers can click here:


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