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Ashraf's English XTB Webinar Wednesday

Ashraf's English XTB Webinar Wednesday  Chart
7 hours ago: 

Global markets await next month's highly contested US presidential elections. Volatility markets are currently pricing a sharp surge in uncertainty for November and December.  How will a delayed outcome impact the markets? Can a delay last into the end of December?  Gold can surely rise on uncertainty but will it fall victim to the selloff seen in March? Is there any refuge to relative safety in currencies, or shares? Register here to join me Wednesday at 2 pm Eastern, 6 pm GMT/London 

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After the Blue Wave Oct 23, 2020 18:50: 

Are we getting ahead of ourselves to talk about the Blue Wave (US Democratic Party winning the White House, Senate and the House)  The broader market is showing more signs that it's pricing in a blue wave. We recognize the ever-present chance of a 2016-style surprise but with everyone laser-focused on the vote, we want to look at some of the themes that will capture the markets attention afterwards. The charts below may suggest that markets are indeed preferring a blue wave. 


Intraday Trades around Deadlines Oct 22, 2020 16:33: 

Gold and silver are on the backfoot, while NZD and JPY are in the lead. More riddles from Pelosi regarding the stimulus. Markets lick their wounds from reports of foreign interference in the US elections.  We now shift to tonight's Biden-Trump debate. GBP drops back after a strong Wednesday session Bitcoin retraces after Wednesday's $1000 gain on news that it struck a deal with PayPal. Below are some of today's trades on the WhatsApp Broadcast Group. 


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