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What’s the Yields Signal?

What’s the Yields Signal? Chart
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Another jumbled mess of a trading session in an exuberant but divergent stock market and whippy FX but bonds, while bonds attempt to stabilize after Monday's selloff. The dollar is off its lows of the day, but still down across the board. EURUSD is off its highs after the ECB said it's studying the causes behind prolonged USD weakness despite rebounding US growth. Ashraf posted the chart below, highlting similarities in DXY weakness alongside the acceleration in yields and indices. Note how DXY bottomed in mid Q1 2018 (after a brief market selloff), while yields extended their gains into year-end. 

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ندوة مساء اليوم مع أشرف العايدي Jan 26, 2021 12:31: 

تنتظر الأسواق لقاء الفيدرالي الأمريكي الأول لهذا العام لاحقاً خلال شهر يناير. فما هي أهمية هذا اللقاء، وكيف سنرى تأثيره على الأسواق؟ وكيف سيؤثر التحكم بالعوائد على مستويات أزواج الدولار والمعادن؟ وما هي الإشارات الثلاث التي يجب ترقبها عند متابعة بيان المؤتمر الصحفي؟ تابعوا هذه الندوة الالكترونية المجانيّة القادمة مع خبير الأسواق  للتسجيل من السعودية  و للتسجيل من باقي دول العالم


FX Priorities Jan 24, 2021 15:00: 

Let's recap the week's gentle rumblings on FX from policy makers, before shedding light on CNH below.  US Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen said the US would adhere to market-based determinations of FX rates in her confirmation hearing Tuesday. Never mind that record-breaking QE is outright manipulation of the bond market and indirect FX intervention. On Thursday, ECB's Lagarde was silent on the euro's direction, while warning of double-dip recession in the Eurozone. On Friday, USD reversed the week's course to rebound against all major currencies, save for EUR. So what do  we make of the inv H&S in DXY? Below is Friday's Premium video, highlighting the technical rationale for the latest trades on XAUUSD, EURUSD and EURNZD. 


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