Posted Mar 24, 16:37

Learning from EURCAD Trade

Learning from EURCAD Trade Chart
Mar 24: 

The following is the rationale behind our long EURCAD trade issued to our Premium susbcribers last week, currently +100 pips in the green. The focus here is on the rationale behind the decision to go long as highlighted in the 7 reasons below. Considerations of technnicals, fundamentals, intermarket cross-correlations can benefit significantly when applied correctly.

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PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Mar 22, 21:55
Repeal-Replace Delayed Mar 23, 2017 22:20: 

When in doubt, delay. Republicans delayed the vote on their first major piece of legislation as Tea Party supporters said it didn't do enough to eliminate Obamacare. The pound was the top performer while the Australian dollar lagged. Last night's Premium is now in progress joining 7 other trades. 2 trades in indices, 2 in commodities and 3 in FX.


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