Posted Jul 26, 15:31

Never Sleep on the Fed

New Home Sales 610K
Never Sleep on the Fed Chart
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This evening's FOMC decision is being billed as a non-event but that kind of apathy is an elixir for volatility. The healthcare vote in the Senate adds new US dollar risks this week. Market probability of a December rate hike have dropped to 46.5% from 48%. Earlier today, June new home sales rose 0.8% to 610k, slightly below the expected 615k.

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PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Jul 17, 20:59
Bitcoin & Ethereum Webinar Jul 26, 2017 13:42: 

On Jul 4th webinar, when Bitcoin traded at $2590, I mentioned the technical and fundamental reasons why it would drop below $2000. 12 days later, Bitcoin fell to $1800.   Today's price is at $2540, down $400 over the last 2 days despite the BIP91 lockin. Find out why & what's ahead in Monday's webinar.


The Global Petrie Dish Jul 25, 2017 17:59: 

The rising tide of global growth is lifting all boats but there are lessons in how some are recovering better than others. The Aussie is the strongest, while the JPY is the weakest as equity indices enter an obligatory corrective rally ahead of the Fed. Month-to-date, all currencies are up against the dollar, with the loonie on top and GBP at the bottom. The Premium Insights will issue a trade tomorrow ahead of the Fed decision.


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