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Onto the Bank of Japan

Onto the Bank of Japan Chart
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The highly anticipated Bank of Japan decision is due around 22:00-23:00 Eastern (03:00-04:00 BST/London) and is expected by most analysts to issue a set of broad measures: i) raise annual JGB purchases to JPY 90-100 trn from JPY 80 trn, ii) boost ETF purchases to JPY 4.0-4.5 trn from JPY 3.3 trn, iii) cut policy rate from -0.1% to -0.3% to -0.4% and;  iv) cut the interest rate on reserves. This is not the first time that the majority of economists polled by Bloomberg and Reuters expect such aggressive measures. So why this time?

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Fed Upbeat & Outsignalled Jul 27, 2016 22:31: 

The short message from the FOMC was: “We like the economy but we're done making promises”. The dollar was whipsawed on the announcement; the euro was the top performer and yen lagged. A low-key Asia-Pacific calendar is ahead as the BoJ looms.


Don’t Depend on Fed, Aussie CPI Next Jul 27, 2016 0:23: 

The Fed's longstanding commitment to data dependency will be put to the test at Wednesday's FOMC decision. The yen was the top performer Tuesday while the Swiss franc lagged. A pivotal Australian CPI report is due next. A 3rd yen trade was added last night.


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