Posted May 31, 1:00

Euro Thoughts, CFTC Positioning

11 hours ago: 

Better German CPI and French GDP Monday may pave the way for a euro reprieve. The Swiss franc was the top performer in holiday-thinned trading Monday while the yen lagged. The week ramps up in a big way from here starting Japanese jobs, household spending and industrial production.  The Premium Video of existing and new trades will be posted on Tuesday evening after the month's close of indices, FX & metals.

The euro is in the midst of testing the 200-day moving average and the uptrend since December. On Monday, it got some help from Germany and France. German HICP rose 0.4% m/m in May compared to 0.3% expected. That took the country out of deflation in year-over-year terms. France reported Q1 GDP at 0.6% q/q compared to the 0.5% consensus.  Better investment was behind the beat.

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: May 25, 12:00
How Soon is ‘Fairly Soon’? May 26, 2016 22:53: 

A weak durable goods report and comments from the Fed's Powell offered some insight into what the Fed will do next. CAD and JPY were the top performers, while the pound sterling lagged. Japanese CPI and Aussie Capex are due next.The April US durable goods report highlighted the challenges the Fed faces. There are currently 9 Premium  trades in progress, 2 of which are CAD longs.


CAD Outperforms on BoC, Oil May 25, 2016 23:51: 

The Bank of Canada took a more-neutral stance than expected on Wednesday and along with rising oil prices that helped made the Canadian dollar the top performer while the yen lagged. Australian capex data and the New Zealand budget are due later. The Premium Insights added a 2nd CAD long to the trades ahead of the BoC decision and EIA inventory announcement. Full rationale and charts analysis to the CAD and other trades is in today's Premium Video.