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Dollar Done Dipping? Aussie Inflation Next

CPI (q/q) Oct 26 00:30
CB Consumer Confidence 98.6
Dollar Done Dipping? Aussie Inflation Next Chart
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A midday reversal lower in the US dollar Wednesday may be an early sign that the buy-the-dips dollar trade is due for a break. The Australian dollar was the top performer and GBP lagged but it was an intraday rollercoaster in New York trading. Australian CPI is up next. A new Premium trades has been opened in a 3rd major equity index.

(فيديو للمشتركين فقط) اين قاع اليورو، الذهب و ذروة الدولار

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Something New in Thursday's Webinar Oct 25, 2016 16:19: 

Get ready for something different in Thursday's webinar (Oct 27, 5 pm Eastern, 10 pm London time). Ashraf will walk you through my view on global markets, using the mechanics of a new game-changing software. Register for the webinar here.


ECB's Expectations Gap Oct 24, 2016 22:59: 

A handful of Fed speakers today underscored market pricing for a high probability of a December hike but the ECB plan remains murky. The Canadian dollar was the top performer while the yen lagged. The Asia-Pacific calendar is light. The latest Premium video below focuses on key dynamics shaping USDX, gold & EURUSD, highlighting the high-probability turning points ahead. 


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