About The Website (AshrafLaidi.com)

AshrafLaidi.com: The first website to focus on foreign exchange markets drawing from the relevant dynamics in G10 yields, equity indices and gold prices. Ashraf Laidi, creator of the original 24-hour Forex portal, now helps you deconstruct the complexities of intermarket flows and risk appetite, as well as gain a better read on central bank policy and the implications for currency markets, with a unique synthesis of fundamental and technical analysis.

Intraday Market Thoughts

Intraday Market Thoughts offer concise streams forward-looking analysis and wrap-ups, analysing and dissecting the major currents emerging across the markets, to keep you abreast of the evolving pulse of the intermarket dynamics. Rather than telling the news, IMT signal the implications for the news and their trends. IMTs are provide by Ashraf and his staff.

Articles & Analytics

Insightful articles on the latest dynamics shaping major currency pairs and global market sentiment. The pieces combine a fresh approach of analysing currencies by way of yields, commodities, equities and risk appetite. Readers gain a unique perspective of the latest market developments, along with actionable and forward looking views. Analytics are graphic illustrations of the little understood dynamics underpinning the interrelationship between currencies, yield curves steepness and speculative interest in Forex.

Hot Charts

Graphical illustrations, charts of the latest market developments deemed relevant to the day's trading in Forex (FX), commodities, equities or credit markets.

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