Intraday Market Thoughts

Gold's 10, 38, 5 Pattern

Nov 27, 2023 15:02 | by Ashraf Laidi

You know about the 10%, 38%, 5% pattern in gold if you watched any of my recent videos. If you have not, here is the latest update on the pattern in light of gold's reclaiming $2000. And the latest on AUDUSD. Watch full video.  

Live Stream at 10 am GMT

Nov 23, 2023 9:37 | by Ashraf Laidi

Hi everyone, Please excuse the late notice but Im doing a LiveStream with EightCap in 15 minutes from now, discussing the markets. You can participate and ask questions via this Live Stream link on Youtube.

Trading Gold Retracements تصحيحات و امتدادات الذهب

Nov 21, 2023 11:46 | by Ashraf Laidi

في 7 مناسبات منذ أواخر عام 2019، في كل مرة ارتفع فيها الذهب بنسبة 10٪ إلى 12٪ من أدنى مستوياته الرئيسية، صحح حوالي 38٪ قبل ما ....شاهد الفيديو

In 7 occasions since late 2019, each time gold rallied 10% to 12% from major lows, it retraced approx 38% before doing this

Trading Gold Retracements تصحيحات و امتدادات الذهب - Youtube Cov Gold Rtrcmts Nov 21 2023 (Chart 1)

Aussie Top Down Approach

Nov 21, 2023 9:29 | by Ashraf Laidi

Executing the Top-Down Approach in AUDUSD. The 1st target is close to hitting. So what's next? Start watching from 7:25 mins in below video.