Ahead of the ECB

by Ashraf Laidi | 07 Jun, 2018
EURUSD posts its biggest weekly gain in five months despite ongoing uncertainty in Italy and fresh declines in Italian bonds and equity indices. More...

  • Euro Moves Far from Brutal

    by Ashraf Laidi | Aug 17, 2017 21:18 | 11 Comments
    Euro Moves Far from Brutal Chart Earlier today, euro suffered a minor bump on the release of the minutes from last month's ECB Governing Council policy meeting, which revealed growing concerns with a possible overshoot in...
  • USD Damaged by Relative Growth & Inflation Change

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jul 17, 2017 14:51 | 2 Comments
    USD Damaged by Relative Growth & Inflation Change  Chart In January, most of the FX world jumped on the wave of a positive USD outlook based on the easily articulated but inaccurate theory of diverging monetary policies-- that the Fed will be the only...
  • Protectionism won't Protect USD

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jan 27, 2017 14:46 | 2 Comments
    Protectionism won't Protect USD Chart The notion that Trump's planned protectionist measures (tariffs and border adjustment tax) will be USD-positive is founded on an unrealistic world –where Mexico, China and other US...
  • JPY Crosses & Equity Indices

    by Ashraf Laidi | Aug 26, 2016 16:21 | 3 Comments
    JPY Crosses & Equity Indices Chart The divergence between yen crosses and US stock indices has persisted for 6 months, the longest and deepest divergence since 2002.

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