Intraday Market Thoughts

Archived IMT (2010.06.27)

by Ashraf Laidi
Jun 27, 2010 23:14

GERMANY BEATING ENGLAND was not a surprise according to statistics, but Germany outclassing and outplaying England in such devastatingly skillful manner was beyond words. Not only the German players are 3 yrs younger than their English counterparts on average, but they also lack the "Brand Name" of the Rooneys, Lampars, Gerards etcc. LAMPAR'S ERRONEOUSLY disallowed goal was an utter disgrace for the officials and FIFA. While Capello has the right to speak about "ifs and buts" regarding the psychology of the game had the goal been counted, English team has no "ifs and buts" for the excruciatingly efficient counterattacks of the Germans, who managed to reach the English penalty box in 3-4 passes. Organisation and efficiency aside, the SKILLS of the young German players were very more Latin-like and atypically German. Their future is already here. While the French Football Federation sent its disgraced squad home via "economy class", no confirmation as to whether the England squad would be sent w/ the luggage. Unless BA has another strike that is. The Premier League maybe the richest in the world, but what would it be worth without non-English players? ARGENTINA were favoured by a goal that was clearly offside. The goal became less relevant when a Mexican error allowed Higuain to score his 4th of the Tournament. Tevez' sensational goal put up Argentina 3-0, but at least Mexico came back with a valiant effort from Manchester United-bound Hernandez. Mexico did lose, but was not humiliated as England was. Watch for a big win from Holland tomorrow, while Kaka's return is likely to secure a Brazil victory over Chile that may not go as smoothly as many expect.


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