Intraday Market Thoughts

Risk on Right on Time

by Adam Button
Apr 5, 2021 16:52

The seasonally positive trend in April got traction almost immediately with stocks racing out of the game. The return to risk-on ascent with USD selling following stronger than expected US jobs report on Friday on the back of solid manufacturing ISM on Thursday and a new record services ISM on Monday. This suggests a return to the pattern of strong macro data inducing higher indices, better prospects of global growth and weaker JPY & USD. But is it too early for this theory? All points to higher commodity currencies and rising indices, but weakness in oil raises questions ahead. 

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Risk on Right on Time - Citi Surprise Index Apr 5 2021 (Chart 1)

We wrote about positive April seasonals earlier in the week and that trade delivered with markets in a great mood to start the new month. The S&P 500 rallied 1.2% to a new record high and above 4000 for the first time.

US services ISM shot up to a new record of 63.7 vs exp 59 after manufacturing ISM hit 64.7 compared to exp 61.5. The surveys from Markit were also strong, including a survey high (since 2011) in the Canadian measure. Importantly, all the surveys highlighted shortages of raw and intermediate materials, suggesting pricing pressures in the months ahead.

OPEC+ appeared to do its part to loosen the oil market with a surprise decision to raise quotas in May. They also pre-announced higher production in June and July, adding more than 2mbpd total. Initially the market balked but had a re-think and crude rose 3.5%, perhaps owing to the slow paces of increases, along with the certainty three months out.

In FX, the dollar slid as 10-year Treasury yields back off by 7 bps to 1.67%. That led to a relief rally in the euro and commodity currencies.


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