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Archived IMT (2010.07.09)

by Ashraf Laidi
Jul 9, 2010 18:04

HOLLAND-SPAIN WORLD CUP FINAL: Lets first state the facts and say that these tow teams have met 9 times before, with 4 wins for each team and 1 draw. Spains last win was in 1983 during the qualifiers for the Euro1984. Holland won each of the last two games played in 2000 and 2002. English ref Howard Webb will officiate the final, which is the first WCup final refereed by an English ref since the 1974, when Holland unexpectedly lost to West Germany. Mr/ Webb refereed Spains first WCup game (against Switzerland), which it lost 1-0. The game involved a few crucial refereeing errors (penalties & redcards) in favour of Spain. Never has a team lost its first WCup game to go on winning the Championship. The

odds are predominantly in favour of a Spain win. Spain has the confidence and talent to create a match with rapid short passes to the extent of exhausting its opponents. Hollands midfielders will try to prevent the quick-passing of the Spaniards but will not succeed, therefore their forwards must be bolstered with a true left wing. Robbens rightwing wonders may prove too overwhelming for left back Capedevila so Xavi and Iniestas defensive abilities must be used fully. I would say Spain is going to win, but since I mentioned Holland before the tournament, I shall stick with Holland for a close win. Both teams deserve it. GERMANY to Beat URUGUAY in Extra time. Both Suarez and Forlan will be present but Klose will attempt to break the goalscoring record.


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