Intraday Market Thoughts

Archived IMT (2010.07.11)

by Ashraf Laidi
Jul 12, 2010 0:09

SPAIN WINS THE WORLD CUP in a 1-0 victory over Holland in extra time. Dutch players fulfilled their promise of using unpretty football to try to overcome the Spaniards, but the outcome was 9 yellow and 1 red card for the Dutch, whose dirty play was the only way to slow the tempo of Spain's passing machine. A flash of genius from Schneijder offered Robben a golden pass but the Dutch winger inexplicably missed the chance of a lifetime, with the help of Casillas foot. Fabregas wasted the same type of opportunity but later redeemed himself with the most valuable assist of his international career, feeding Iniesta with the only goal of the match. English media desperately trying to elevate referee Howard Webb into star-status, but he once again made his share of mistakes --not awarding 2 penalties to Spain, overlooking a clear foul on Robben and mysteriously ruling a Schneijder shot as goal kick when it clearly shouldve been a corner-- This last action led to a crescendo of Spanish passing that eventually found Iniestas winning goal. But it couldve been much worse for Webb and the game had he not kept his cool and composure. Although the World Cup final was far from entertaining, it produced a greater share of thrilling moments than did the 2006 final in Berlin (passes, misses, shorts action and not penalties). Spain, the European champions, deservedly proved to the world why they were favourites. Iniesta-Xavi pair has been promoted from impeccable to unstoppable. Hard luck to Holland who loses its 3rd WCup final and Congrats to Spain and its beautifully effective game. The Fabregas pass to Iniesta is a preview why Spains Ligua will undoubtedly the most difficult, spectacular and talented football league in the World (assuming Fabregas will go to Barca). Spains Barca boys, Ronaldo, Ramos, Mourinho, and Forlan may be the only way Spains league could save Spains deteriorating sovereign debt situation.


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