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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Jul 3, 2013 17:30
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This thread was started in response to the Media:

أشرف العايدي على سي ان بي سي العربية -- 3 يوليو2013

More improvement in the UK economy welcoming the new BoE governor as UK June services PMI hits 27-month highs at 56.9, days after the June manufacturing PMI hit 26-month highs at 52.5. Both of UK services and manufacturing PMI indices stand well above those of the US, China, Eurozone and Germany. After all, the BoE's monthly asset purchases of £375 bn account for 26% of GDP, compared to 0.55% of GDP for the Fed's $85 bn and 1% from the Bank of Japan's planned purchases. Combining the BoE's greater easing with the 4% decline in the pound's trade weighted value year-to-date, the currency and monetary policy channels are proving more effective.