Intraday Market Thoughts

Ahead of Tomorrow's Key UK Data

by Ashraf Laidi
Sep 16, 2014 20:31

GBP traders preparing for Thursday's Scottish independence referendum will first have to deal with Wednesday's triple releases of the BoE minutes, Jul ILO unemployment rate and the all-important Jul average earnings figures. These will be followed by Thursday's release of Aug retail sales. Tomorrow's jobs figures will likely be dominated by the earnings figure, whose negative figure in June was largely behind the sharp selloff in GBP on Aug 13. If we mentioned each single “If and but” of this week's UK data as well as the run-up to Thursday's referendum announcement and the plethora of polls and projections, then confusion will have the final word. Ahead of these events, we issued a new GBP trade for our Premium Insights subscribers, which can be seen in the latest trades & charts.

Act Exp Prev GMT
Average Earnings excluding Bonus (JUL) (3m/y)
0.7% 0.6% Sep 17 8:30
Average Earnings including Bonus (JUL) (3m/y)
0.5% -0.2% Sep 17 8:30
ILO Unemployment Rate (JUL) ((3m))
6.3% 6.4% Sep 17 8:30
Claimant Count Change (AUG)
-30.0K -33.6K Sep 17 8:30
Claimant Count Rate (AUG)
3% Sep 17 8:30

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